[Netrunner] Looking for group: Regular meetings in Berne

christian studer cstuder at existenz.ch
Wed Feb 4 09:43:12 CET 2015

Hello everyone,

At the Store Championship Tournament in january in Berne everybody lamented
the lack of regular playing sessions in Berne. Due to my increasing number
of family members I cannot personally take the lead on that project. :-/

Proposal: Playing sessions every two weeks on a fixed evening. According to
some Magic players, the Brasserie Lorraine* is quite tolerant on card
games, serves decent food and could serve as a location (Closed/blocked on
mondays) . Later this year, the Drachenäscht might be expanding and provide

Who's up to organize this? Shouldn't be too much work, just be there and
play, occasionally remind us about it on the mailingslist and keep in touch
with netrunner.ch.

Thank you,

* = http://brasserie-lorraine.ch/

(In Wirklichkeit gar nicht anwesend.)
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