[Netrunner] Netrunner on the 23rd of august?

Simone Sonderegger c-moon at gmx.ch
Tue Jun 30 13:50:26 CEST 2020

Dear Swiss Netrunner,

Are you still there? I hope so. These are weird and trying times, but I hope they don’t get to you to much.

I feel its time to organize something again. I am planning a tournament on the 26th of August. Please fill out this doodle in order to facilitate my organisation (its about possible attendance, and online or oflline preference):


The 23rd of august ist the first available and totally free option. If there are enough players, I would like to do a GNK with individual prizes in the new standard format. Me, personnally, I would prefer to do it in meatspace, because I miss your faces, but of course with safety first, and the obligatory list to ensure that there can be contact tracing. Netrunner has the possibility of doing it contactless, or at least I can prepare the necessary safety measures. If there is a majority with a preference to do in online, we shall do that.

As for the players in Bern: how do you feel like meeting in person as well for a meetup? As the tables in Drachenäscht are still off limits (due to restrictions on how many people are allowed inside the store) we would have to do it someplace else. Please ping me on the channel of your choice and we will look together for a possible date.

I hope, you are all doing fine, stay safe and healthy,

your TO,
Simone aka met4

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