[Netrunner] Fwd: SWITZERLAND Online-LEAGUE 2020

Andreas Jufer andreas.jufer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 21:36:48 CEST 2020

Hello Runner

The League is over. Congratulations to our Winner Qris!

1 Qris 46
2 Chiphead404 45
b3ar 45
4 Nembras 42
5 Oggbonaian 39
6 met4 36
qvm 36
8 ArminFirecracker 33
9 Johnny B. Running 31
10 Voo 30
11 Chillsection 27
12 Kenan Sahrmal 25
13 Luke Nukem 24

I like to thank everyone who participated.

Every participate will get an official FFG alt Art of Kagugo, Eli 2.0 and
Scharlatan (German Cards).
Top 4 receives also an official FFG alt Art of "CTM", “Seidr Laboratories"
/ "Skorpios Defense Systems” and “Steve Cambridge" / "Ayla Bios Rahim”
(German Cards).
The Winner gets in addition some nice Jinteki click trackers and an
additional Kagugo.

I will send the prices within the next days. If you have any comments and
questions, feel free to contact me.

With best regards,

PS: I have some few Kagugos in English. If you prefer an English card,
please send me a Message by Wednesday.
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