[Netrunner] 3 more players for Draft tomorrow in Zurich?

Andreas Jufer andreas.jufer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 09:08:53 CET 2018

Hey Netrunner,

We have a Cube-Draft tomorrow in Zurich. The 8-player is full booked, but
we're looking for a chance to make a 2nd small 4-player Cube-Draft.
Are there 3 more players which like to play a Draft tomorrow afternoon /
evening in Zurich?
Would there be someone who have time to sort out the needed cards cards?
The link for the cards would follow, if there are 4 people for the 4-player

Please send feedback to zh at netrunner.ch till today, 6pm.

Best regards,

Hey Netrunner,

We like to invite you for a Netrunner Cube Draft!
If you don’t know Draft or Cube Draft, you can find a good description
here: http://stimhack.com/cube-drafting-101

Date: Saturday, March 24th 2018

Check-in time: 13:45 am - 14:00 am, please be there on time

Starting Time: 14:00 am

End: approx. 08:00 pm

Location: Kabooom Entertainment GmbH,  Dienerstrasse 36, 8004 Zürich
https://goo.gl/maps/EAdFLz5cPS82 (map)

Needed equipment: Runner & Corp cards according list below, 2 x 40 sleeves,
tokens, starting fee

Corp Cards:

5 x Priority Requisition *

2 x Private Contracts

Runner Cards:
1 x Force of Nature

1 x Pipeline

1 x Aurora

2 x Armitage Codebusting

* If you don’t have 5 copies of Priority Requisition, please let me know
and we will bring you the needed copies.

Registration: send e-mail with nickname, first- and family name to
zh at netrunner.ch or here https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/1190/

Entry fee: 10.- CHF / 10.- EURO. Free if this is your first tournament.

Prize support: ANR Game Night Kit. Additional prices for newbies *.

* newbie is, if you never played an netrunner tournament.

Number of players: max. 8

Tournament organizer (TO): Chiphead404
Judge: Nembras

Note: Just a heads-up, TO and Judge will also participate, but will always
be ready to help or solve problems.

Nicknames: The ranking list will be published online. If you don’t want to
see your real name somewhere in the www, please send your nickname with
your registration.
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