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Daniel Takai daniel.takai at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 17 00:03:15 CET 2018


I revently bought Guidos collection and find that I have some surplus
cards. Here's the list off packs I'd like to sell, about half of them are
still shrink wrapped, the others are in top condition. Note that some cards
from two deluxe expansions are missing once (i.e still two copies left).
Contact me if you're interested.

Cycle Pack Cards Price Notes
Lunar Upstalk #1-20 CHF12,00
Lunar The Spaces Between #21-40 CHF12,00
Lunar First Contact #41-60 CHF12,00
Lunar Up and Over #61-80 CHF12,00
Lunar All that Remains #81-100 CHF12,00
Lunar The Source #101-120 CHF12,00
SanSan The Valley #1-20 CHF12,00
SanSan Breaker Bay #21-40 CHF12,00
SanSan Chrome City #41-60 CHF12,00
SanSan The Underway #61-80 CHF12,00
SanSan Old Hollywood #81-100 CHF12,00
SanSan The Universe of Tomorrow #101-120 CHF12,00
Mumbad Kala Ghoda #1-19 CHF12,00
Flashpoint 23 Seconds #1-20 CHF12,00
Flashpoint Blood Money #21-40 CHF12,00
Data and Destiny Deluxe #1-55 CHF25,00
Creation and Control Deluxe #1-55 CHF25,00
Honor and Profit Deluxe #1-55 CHF15,00 #41 missing once
Order and Chaos Deluxe #1-55 CHF10,00 #53, 54 and 55 missing once

I'll be at the Store Championship in Zürich on the 27th and can hand over
any cards there.


Daniel Takai
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