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Hi Netrunner

There are currently a lot of Netrunner-events in our area. Please find
below a list. Don't forget to sign-up!

“Terminal Directives”
...take currently place in Bern and Zurich.
There is an (non-announced) campaign-starting-event with special prices @
Drachenäscht with a free slot. Please contact Simone for detail
information: c-moon at gmx.ch
ANRZH as well offers this campaign-start with special prices and additional
tasks. If you are two players, which like to play the campaign, please
contact me - please also contact me, if you're a single player and looking
for an opponent.
Also, Wellplayed has this event-kit. Please check with Beni (
wellplayedch at gmail.com), if you like to start your campaign there.

July 1st - Sept 9th:
"ANRZH (Online-)League 2017 / Q3".
League games can be played online on jinteki.net or at any physical place.
The “group stage” will be during 10 weeks from July 1st to September 9th.
Afterwards there will be a Top Cut for the group leaders. 2 Groups will
consist of up to 8 players. The size of the Top Cut depends on the number
of registered players. The idea is to play one round per week, with some
spare time, which allows players to find a time window for their games (and
their holidays).

July 8th:
“Test Run” @ Ey in Zurich.
As in the years before, we would like to prepare ourselves for the Regional
Championship with a “Test Run” Tournament in Zurich. “Test Run” will be a
relaxed tournament with 4 swiss rounds for all level of players.

July 29th - 30th:
“Regional Süd” @ Spielespatz in Ulm (DE).
Official FFG 2017 Regional Championship. This is a two-day event.

August 19th:
“Regional Schweiz” @ Drachenäscht in Bern.
Official FFG 2017 Regional Championship and the only one in Switzerland. It
would be nice to meet all Swiss Netrunner-Players, and our neighbours as
well. Please don't forget to sign up!

August 26th - 27th:
“Nationals Germany” in Düsseldorf (DE).
Official FFG 2017 National Championship for Germany, Austria and

November 1st - 5th: “Worlds” (USA).
Official FFG 2017 World Championship.

The Berne Grid meets every month for playing Netrunner @ Drachenäscht
Contact c-moon at gmx.ch for details.

The Zurich City Grid meets every week for playing Netrunner.
Every 1st Tuesday of the month @ Wellplayed in Dubendorf.
Every other Tuesday of the month @ Restaurant Eyhof in Zurich.

Did I miss something? Please let us know!

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