[Netrunner] “Rien ne va plus Store Championship” on January 27th 2018

Andreas Jufer andreas.jufer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:30:47 CET 2017

Hey Netrunner,

We like to invite you to the Android Netrunner “Rien ne va plus Store
Championship”. The Store Championship is the kick-off of the Android
Netrunner Championship Season which ends in November 2018 with the World
Championship. It’s open for all players of all levels and the Winner will
be our local Store Champion for one year. If you never played a tournament,
you don’t have to pay any starting fee.

Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Check-in time: 09:15 am - 09:45 am, please be there in time

Starting Time: 10:00 am

End: approx. 05:00 pm, depending on the number of players.

Location: Restaurant Bar Café Ey Hof, Triemlistrasse 183, 8047 Zürich
https://goo.gl/maps/26QHVDPaPKz (map)

Needed equipment: 1 Runner deck & 1 Corp deck, both sleeved, tokens,
starting fee + decklists

Card pool: Revised Core Set up to the last legal data pack, available in
Switzerland before January 14th.
Registration: send e-mail with nickname to zh at netrunner.ch or here

D E T A I L S:

Tier: Relaxed
Tournaments at this level are welcoming to all players, regardless of
experience level. Players are encouraged to help each other improve and
learn, so long as it does not significantly disrupt the game. The focus is
on creating a fun and friendly environment.

Format: Swiss format without a top cut, 4-5 rounds, depending on the number
of players.

Card pool: Revised Core Set up to the last legal data pack, available in
Switzerland before January 14th.

Language: German, English, French
Decklists: required! Please use NRDB or another deck generator.

Card sleeves: please use non-transparent card sleeves. Single proxies are
allowed if they are clear to read.

Tournament rules: Standard FFG + current FAQ including “NAPD Most Wanted

Entry fee: 10.- CHF / 10.- EURO. Free if this is your first tournament.

Prize support: ANR Store Championship Kit.
Prices are not known yet, the winner will get a first-round bye for the
Regionals and a trophy for sure.
Additional prices for newbies *.

* newbie is if you never played a Netrunner tournament or play less than
one year.

Number of players: max. 16

Tournament organizer (TO): Chiphead404
Judge: Nembras

Note: Just a heads-up, TO and Judge will also participate, but will always
be ready to help or solve problems.

Nicknames: The ranking list will be published online. If you don’t want to
see your real name somewhere on the www, please send your nickname with
your registration.

Car Parking: There is a car parking next to the Eyhof.

Food: Please order your drinks at the Restaurant. Food can be ordered after
round 1 or you can eat something outside.

Registered players:







We’re forward to seeing you all there,



January 1st - March 31th: “ANRZH League Q1 2018” @ Jinteki. (tba)

January 27th: “Rnvp Store Championship” @ Ey in Zurich


Currently in Bern and Zurich: “Terminal Directives” contact me,
Drachenäscht or Wellplayed
Weekly meetup in Zurich: https://goo.gl/jwgzMj
Weekly meetup in Konstanz: https://goo.gl/k5wKhj
Monthly meetup in Berne: c-moon at gmx.ch
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