[Netrunner] CORE++ Beginner Netrunner Tournament in Dubendorf

Novandy Lim novandy.kl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 13:16:16 CEST 2016

Hey everyone,

Wellplayed Spieltreff is pleased to announce its first netrunner tournament
in Dubendorf, Zurich. With the aim of making the tourney beginner-friendly,
the format would be *CORE ++*: a core set tournament with either two
datapacks or a single deluxe expansion of your choice (See below for more
details including rule tweaks). It should give new players a taste of the
competitive scene and deckbuilding.

*Date: *Saturday, 10.09.2016
*Check-in time: * 12:30
*Starting time: *13:00
*Where: *Wellplayed Spieltreff, Bahnhofstrasse 57, 8600 Dübendorf
http://goo.gl/qFRlgI (map)

*Card pool and limitation:  *
All cards released in German by 28th August.

For each deck, you can choose [core set cards and up to two datapacks] OR
[core set cards and a deluxe expansion].  The datapack/expansion allowance
is separate for runner and corp. Secondly, you can use any ID and it does
not count towards the datapack/expansion allowance. Proxies for the ID and
missing copies of core set cards are allowed.

*Tournament rules: *

Standard FFG rules
*with these changes: *1. *No* Most Wanted List
2. Astroscript Pilot Program: Limit *2* per deck*.*

*Card language: *German, English, French
*. If alt-art cards and proxies are used, opaque sleeves are required.*

*Competition Tier: *Casual. Decklist is not required.
* Format: *4 Swiss rounds
*Entry fee: *CHF 20 (incl. 1 Coupon for a drink) / Person. This Event is
FREE for Gold Members
*Prize support: *ANR Winter 2014 Kit. Wellplayed also sponsors support
prizes aimed at new players to get them started, expansions etc.

For more details, please check Wellplayed forum (http://goo.gl/VvVxgK). For
registration, either post on Wellplayed forum or send an email to
wellplayedch at gmail.com
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