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Mon Jan 19 12:38:48 CET 2015

Hey guys, this is just a friendly reminder that the league will start
tomorrow. Hope to see as many people as possible. See the announcement
below if you can't remember what it is about.

Its gonna be our first league here so we are pretty excited about it. We
make the rules with the goal to promote trying out many new decks who you
would not otherwise played, yet maintaining certain level of competition
and fun.

With that in mind, we also wanna include two additional points:
1. We would like people to play the same pair of decks for each FORTNIGHT
instead of each evening. We don't want to put busy working people, who have
no time to create deck or attend weekly, at disadvantage.

2. Within that fortnight, you are allowed to tweak your deck slightly after
a game to improve the functioning of the deck because we know we wouldnt be
able to get the deck right first time round.  Of course it shouldnt be used
to tech specifically against the person you are playing against next and we
trust you to control this yourselves,

Hope to see you guys this Tuesday then.

Any questions, please send them to zh at netrunner.ch or directly to me


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*Zurich City Grid League - Winter Season 2015*

*Try new decks! Play against various players! **Be Winter Champion 2015! *

The league games will start on January 20th and end on March 10th with a
final at March 17th where the top 4 league players will fight to be Winter
Champion 2015.

*You don't need to play at every date! You don't have to be a pro! You can
play with only core decks! *

*Rules: *
Do not change your runner and corporation deck during one evening.
No time limits during the league games.
You don't have to play both sides against the same player.

*Dates: *
You can play at the following evenings to collect your points:
Tuesday 20.01.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 27.01.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 03.02.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 10.02.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 17.02.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 24.02.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 03.03.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 10.03.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich

Tuesday 17.03.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey (Finals)

*Scoring: *
We will only calculate your top 5 runner and your top 5 corp games!
2 points for each game you win (max. 20 points)
[Note: *no points given for each additional win with the same side against
the same player.*]
1 point for each game you win with a different identities (max. 8 points)
1 point for each game you play with a core deck (max. 10 points)
1 point for a flatline win (max. 1 point)
1 point for a milling win (max. 1 point)

Top 4 players play double elimination.

35’ per round.

*Prices: *
Each player gets one alternate art versions of Plascrete Carapace
Top 4 players get a Weyland deck box each
The Champion, 2nd and 3rd place gets one Freelancer playmat or alternate
art versions of Weyland: Building a Better World (first loot is chosen by
the Champion)

*Starting fee: *
CHF 3.-

No registration necessary. Just come and play!
Any questions, please contact us: zh at netrunner.ch
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