[Netrunner] Reminder: Android Netrunner Store Championship next sunday in Berne

Novandy Lim novandy.kl at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 10:20:11 CET 2015

Hey Andy, welcome to the mailing list,

Christian pretty much covered everything but I just wanna add my two cents,

Yeah, do join and play with us for Sunday. Store tourney does sound pretty
intimidating by name but it is actually just an organised game event
supported by FFG. It's great way to see the full potential of the game as
you are exposed to different type of decks, playstyle, and most
importantly, the really cool interaction with different players. That's
what make the game great. All netrunner players i've met are really
easygoing and would be more than happy to play with the newer players too.
Don't worry about just having coreset, i've been whopped several times by
some unexpected coreset decks: adding snares in NBN deck, Evil! :)

As far I am aware of, there are only two stores in Switzerland that
organise tournaments: Xenomorphe in Geneva and DracheNäscht in Bern. Apart
from that, our Zurich group would organise few tournaments every now and
then. As Christian said, most information should be up on netrunner.ch

Hope to see you on Sunday


On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 8:45 AM, christian studer <cstuder at existenz.ch>

> Welcome Andy,
> Hey, if you know the rules, you can come and play! The swiss format system
> is quite nice, it separates better players from the unluckier ones. :-) I
> don't know how many players have signed up so far...
> You can of course come and only watch too, but I would really recommend
> signing up.
> 1. Yes you can play with the core set decks. They might not be the
> strongest, but are balanced well enough.
> 2. Yes, you can play with french cards, especially if you only have the
> core set.
> 3. Information about Netrunner in Switzerland can be found on this list
> and here: http://www.netrunner.ch/
> 4. Finding players is always a problem, but coming to this list is the
> right first step.
> 5. Yes, asking that stuff is what this list is all about.
> So again, just sign up, come and play, we're a nice bunch.
> See you on sunday,
>   christian
> 2015-01-12 20:22 GMT+01:00 Andy M <andy.m.trashmail at gmail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> I added my mail in your mailing list and I've received the mail from
>> Christian telling you're having a tournament on sunday.
>> I'm a brand new player (2-3 games only) and of course I can't play on the
>> tournament but is it possible to come and look at it ? How many players
>> will attend this event ?
>> I also have lot of questions regarding tournament :
>>    1. Is it possible to play with only the core set ?
>>    2. Do we have to play with an english version of the game or french
>>    version also works ?
>>    3. Is there lot of tournament like this around switzerland ? If yes,
>>    where can I find those informations ?
>>    4. Are there lot of players of NetRunner in Switzerland, I'm
>>    struggling to find players in my "close" neighbourhood ? Are there french
>>    speaking players in Jura - Neuchâtel - Vaud ? I don't know how to find
>>    players... I seem to be one of the few people to like boardgames/cardgames
>>    in my town (Delémont) ;)
>>    5. Am I even allowed to use this mail address to ask questions :o) ?
>>    If not, I apologize for the obvious spam I generated with that mail :)
>> Best luck to all of you guys who will attend the tournament.
>> Best regards,
>> Andy
>> 2015-01-12 8:37 GMT+01:00 christian studer <cstuder at existenz.ch>:
>>> Good morning,
>>> A quick reminder for the store championship next sunday in Berne
>>> (18.01.15, opens 10:30, games start at 11:00).
>>> Same place like the regional. (SAC Bern, Brunngasse 36, 3011 Bern)
>>> See you there,
>>>   christian (God, I just realized that I haven't played since the
>>> regional...) :-(
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