[Netrunner] Zurich City Grid League - Winter Season 2015

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Thu Jan 1 16:07:54 CET 2015

*Zurich City Grid League - Winter Season 2015*

*Try new decks! Play against various players! **Be Winter Champion 2015! *

The league games will start on January 20th and end on March 10th with a
final at March 17th where the top 4 league players will fight to be Winter
Champion 2015.

*You don't need to play at every date! You don't have to be a pro! You can
play with only core decks! *

*Rules: *
Do not change your runner and corporation deck during one evening.
No time limits during the league games.
You don't have to play both sides against the same player.

*Dates: *
You can play at the following evenings to collect your points:
Tuesday 20.01.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 27.01.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 03.02.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 10.02.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 17.02.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 24.02.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich
Tuesday 03.03.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey
Wednesday 10.03.2015, 19:30 @ Spieletreff Zürich

Tuesday 17.03.2015, 18:30 @ Spielhaus Ey (Finals)

*Scoring: *
We will only calculate your top 5 runner and your top 5 corp games!
2 points for each game you win (max. 20 points)
[Note: *no points given for each additional win with the same side against
the same player.*]
1 point for each game you win with a different identities (max. 8 points)
1 point for each game you play with a core deck (max. 10 points)
1 point for a flatline win (max. 1 point)
1 point for a milling win (max. 1 point)

Top 4 players play double elimination.

35’ per round.

*Prices: *
Each player gets one alternate art versions of Plascrete Carapace
Top 4 players get a Weyland deck box each
The Champion, 2nd and 3rd place gets one Freelancer playmat or alternate
art versions of Weyland: Building a Better World (first loot is chosen by
the Champion)

*Starting fee: *
CHF 3.-

No registration necessary. Just come and play!
Any questions, please contact us: zh at netrunner.ch
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