[Netrunner] reminder for Core++ Fun tournament

Andreas Jufer andreas.jufer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 11:27:34 CEST 2015

Hey runners

We have some few places left for our Core++ Fun tournament tomorrow. All
informations below!

Best regards,


Date: Saturday, 22.08.2015

Check-in time: 09:30 - 09:50 am, please be there in time!

Starting time: 10:00 am


Restaurant/Bar/Spielhaus Ey

In der Ey 29

8047 Zürich

https://goo.gl/V4uaWr (map)

There are some parking spaces in the back of the location.

Format: Swiss system, without cut

Card pool: all cards up to and including The Underway, according following
special rule:

For each deck, you can choose [core set cards and up to two datapacks] OR
[core set and a deluxe expansion].  The datapack/expansion allowance is
separate for runner and corp. Secondly, you can use any ID and it does not
count towards the datapack/expansion allowance. Proxies are allowed.

Language: German, English, French

Deck list: NOT necessary!

After the first round each player check the decks of his/her opponents, if
influence and card pool restriction is according rule.

Proxys: Single proxy cards are accepted - but other players may also lend
you your missing Grimoire / Desperado...

Card sleeves: Opaque card sleeves are strongly encouraged - required if
alternate art cards or proxy are used (we might be able to lend some
sleeves out if you let us know in advance).

Tournament rules: Standard FFG

Entry fee: 5.- CHF / 5.- EURO. Please bring it in coins! Free for newcomers

Newcomers is everybody, which never played a tournament or does not play
longer than one year.

Prize support: ANR Spring 2015 Kit.

Registration or cancelation: send e-mail with first- and family name to
zh at netrunner.ch

Number of players: max. 16

Tournament organisation (TO): Vandy & Andreas

Note: Just a heads-up, Vandy and me as the TOs will also participate this
tourney. We’ll of course still prioritise on solving any issues and we’ll
forfeit our game if need be.

Nicknames: The ranking list will be published in the internet. If you do
like to see your Nickname instead of your first name, please give us your
Nick when you check in tomorrow.

Lunch break: After 2nd round played, there will be a Lunch break. Since Ey
is a bar/restaurant, please support them by ordering drink and food. But
it’s aloud to bring your own food.

Expected timetable: (up to 16 players)

4 rounds à 65 min

10:00 – 11:05 Round 1

11:20 – 12:25 Round 2

until 13:05 Lunch Break

13:10 – 14:15 Round 3

14:25 – 15:30 Round 4

Afterwards award ceremony

Registered players:







Stephan K


Tymur P

Emanuel S



Henrik A

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,
Andreas and Vandy
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