[Netrunner] New Netrunner Fan in Bern

Mike Sulphur sulphursouls at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 14:50:35 CEST 2014

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all the replies and great answers. Its very reassuring to
see people putting in the effort to make a new member feel welcome.

I've registered for the Store Championships and am very much looking
forward to it. If I can take the last place spot from Alain I'll view that
as a success as well ;)

I'll be practising as much as possible, watching a few videos and reading
some fitting sci-fi to get in the mood for the event.

Is there anyone in Bern who's interested in maybe having a semi-regular
catch up leading up to it to play some games? Unfortunately I'm only really
available on weekends, in the afternoons and even then I could only
guarantee once-twice a month. Does anyone have any suggestions where we
could host something like this?

I was reading this article and the first part echoed a lot of my ideas:

I have a friend in London who has a bar nearby which is always happy to
have people playing card and board games, and I remember seeing people
playing conventional card games as well as more advanced ones at
Hirscheneck in Basel - I don't know how regular it is, but the place felt
welcoming to it.

My wife seemed to think that a place like Altes Tramdepot or Turnhalle in
Bern should be open to a few people playing board games between peak times
(I've seen old ladies playing Scrabble there) - and I'd be happy to inquire
about it, but people would need to be prepared to buy a few drinks and
snacks there as well as maintain the general atmosphere of the place (eg.
not having a violent tantrum when Snare is encountered).

Looking forward to hearing some ideas and seeing if we can get something

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