[Netrunner] New Netrunner Fan in Bern

Mike Sulphur sulphursouls at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 13:04:26 CEST 2014

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to say hello, I'm new to Netrunner and new to this Mailing List.
Thanks to whoever made the great netrunner.ch website, it was a great place
to start - and I found the shop in Bern for Datapacks before running into
trouble with Swiss Customs ;)

I noticed the Store Championship in Bern (where I live nearby), just wanted
to check if anyone with experience of these can answer some questions for

This follows Tournament Rules. So this means that each player plays one
game as Corp, and another as Runner against an opponent? And the games are
time limited?

I noticed on the sign up form that you can register a team, what exactly
does this mean? Does one player play as Corp and the other as Runner? I
have gotten into the game a few months ago with my wife, and we play
against each other favouring one faction heavily until now.

Also, how much knowledge of German will be required at the Championship? I
have the cards in English, my German is OK but if my Wife was thinking of
taking part, she speaks very little German.

Thanks in Advance,
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