[Netrunner] Selling my Netrunner Collection

Fabian Ken Roth finstar_one at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 4 14:44:19 CEST 2014

Dear Netrunners

I hope it is okay to use this network for this - if not, then my sincere apologies and I will pull back immediately.

I am selling my complete Netrunner Collection:

Two full english Core sets (so almost all cards 3 times...), the full Genesis Cycle (...Data Pack Trace Amount included twice...), the first half of the Opening Moves Cycle (3 packs) and the Creation and Control Deluxe Expansion.

All cards are in english, near near mint, never played witout sleeves and like brandnew (...I am very careful with my gaming stuff...)  

All in one folder, within A4 card collector sheets, sorted by faction. All tokens from both core sets in a handy plastic tool sorter included. No boxes. Sold as one set, no parts.

If anybody is interested int he whole set, send me an email and your offer to finstar_one at yahoo.de

Can be picked up or shipped.



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