[Netrunner] Welcome fellow runners...

Fabian Ken Roth finstar_one at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 28 16:46:45 CEST 2013

Hey everybody! :)

Greetings from Basel. If anybody is interest in playing in the area with us, please let me know! We are desperately searching for other players...

Good that this is on again!


 Von: christian studer <cstuder at existenz.ch>
An: netrunner <netrunner at existenz.ch> 
Gesendet: 9:37 Mittwoch, 28.August 2013
Betreff: [Netrunner] Welcome fellow runners...

Let's hope this one works better than before.

Andreas, you wanted to say something about a tournament?

(In Wirklichkeit gar nicht anwesend.) 
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